Today 1st of Aug 2021

Unstable conditions: A cold front will pass over the Alps.

The weather

Strong rain showers and thunderstorms, few sunny spells. In the evening weather improvement. High temperatures between 17° and 24°.

Mountain weather

In the morning and in the afternoon, heavy rain showers and thunderstorms will pass through from the west, with sunny spells in between. In the evening weather improvement.

Tomorrow 2nd of Aug 2021

Sunny but also some rain showers: Weak high pressure conditions.

The weather

Partly sunny weather, during the day some rain showers or thunderstorms. High temperatures between 18° and 27°.

Mountain weather

Changeable conditions on the mountains. Sunny weather but also some rain showers or thunderstorms. Low temperatures for the season.

The next days

tuesday 03
Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
max: 25°
min: 9°
wednesday 04
Cloudy, moderate rain
max: 24°
min: 9°
thursday 05
max: 26°
min: 10°
friday 06
max: 27°
min: 8°