Today 22nd of Feb 2020

Sun and high clouds: High pressure conditions.

The weather

Mostly sunny weather with some high clouds in the evening. High temperatures between 11° and 18°.

Mountain weather

High clouds will move through and the northwestern wind will be weaker. Level of zero degrees at 3000 m.

Tomorrow 23rd of Feb 2020

Partly: High currents from north-west will bring humid air masses toward the Alps.

The weather

Partly sunny weather. Very weak precipitation are not completely excluded over the northern part of the territory. High values up to 12°/17°.

Mountain weather

The high cloudiness can bring diffuse light conditions. The wind will be stronger.

The next days

monday 24
max: 17°
min: -1°
tuesday 25
max: 13°
min: -2°
wednesday 26
Very cloudy
max: 12°
min: 0°
thursday 27
Partly cloudy
max: 15°
min: -2°